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We believe...

Khushy means “happiness”. Khushy was founded to improve wellness and overall quality of life for older adults in our community. Our goal is to keep you healthy so you can continue living in your home comfortably with your loved ones.

We take care of you with exceptional home care and physical therapy services so you can focus on what's important.

Aging Redefined!

Our goal is to inspire our seniors to have fun so they can age fabulously…not age appropriately.
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Seniors just want to have fun

For Families and Caregivers:

We are here to help you support your loved ones! We believe in bringing generations together. We provide coordination and support that gives you peace of mind that your loved one’s needs are being met while reducing the burden and cost of family caregiving on you. We are mission driven and believe in Three C’s: Compassion, Creativity, and Commitment.

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